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Video Production

Creating safe, sustainable and equitable cities requires smart storytelling. Backed by over two decades of experience writing and producing for major television programs on subjects ranging from science and history to current events and pop culture, Doug can create engaging and informative videos for your company or organization that tell the right story and help shape people's perceptions of the city you want to build.


Audio Production

In addition to co-hosting The War on Cars, Doug has edited and produced episodes involving field material, studio interviews and archival audio. He can help companies, nonprofits and individuals launch a new podcast or breathe life into an old one.


Public Speaking

Doug is frequently invited to speak on issues related to mobility, cycling and safe streets. He has presented at the annual PlacesForBikes Conference, National Bike Summit, TransAlt's Vision Zero Cities Conference, CityWorks (X)Po and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. He has also created workshops for the Boston Cyclists Union, Providence Streets Coalition and other advocacy groups. He is available to speak to your business or organization on the subject of bikes, the livable cities revolution and, of course, how to deal with bikelash

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